Hi Dave,
I had a look over this site; here are my thoughts on it:

- Design

Not to be harsh, but the website looks like it was made by someone who is completely new to this field. Not a patch on it's main rival, .In my opinion, the design of the site needs to be a bit sophisticated, so the visitor gets a sense of authority. In this case, the design doesn’t inspire me anything.
The navigation is basically inexistent. There is that menu on the left side but it took me a while to actually notice that it was a menu that points out to other pages. I think it should be visible right away that those are links, links that point to pages containing information, information that will eventually make your visitor aware of the importance of an insurance, and thus convince him to buy.
I like the top slider, but you might consider adding some captions to some of the slides or, if you aim for the clean look, maybe add a final slide advertising your products?
Also, the “get quotation” button is not consistent throughout the site. It may be more visible to use different button styles, but it just gives the impression that you’re trying to lure the visitor by inserting colorful buttons. I think a consistent design would be more effective.

- Content

I went through the content and I think it’s pretty decent. However, you could adjust the formatting a bit, maybe bold a few keywords to will help the visitor that reads diagonally notice the strong points of your product.

Here are some improvements I would make to the site:

- New design, with clear navigation and contact info right on the first page [you can use WordPress – it is highly customizable]; you could consider using a theme that has multiple columns, to be easy to squeeze more information, such as testimonials, videos, etc.
- Logo that redirects to the main page – I notice there is a logo on some of the pages; this should be set so, when you click on it, it takes you to the main page of the site, both for easier navigation and SEO reasons;
- Add social media integration [Facebook, Twitter, etc.]
This is my feedback on the site. I tried to be as honest as possible, because this is what will help you make it better, not some sugar-coating :-) I can give you additional feedback and even help you with new content, if you want to add more to the site, as I’ve been working on a similar project in the past. I can also assist you on the SEO site if needed. I hope my feedback will be of use. Good luck!

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